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The Power of a Magazine: Impacting Our Children’s Lives

As kids, we were enamored with a lot of things and we had dreams of what we wanted to be in real life.  Our imaginations at a young age stretched us as far as we could go and we were better for it.  One of those common dreams was to be a magazine editor; you know, the chance to be a big media conglomerate spreading your brand all across the world, impacting the lives of all the men, women, and children who touched it.  A magazine is a powerful source of education and information.  Its influence can spread from one generation to the other and its impact can be felt far and wide.  This was part of our dream growing up, but is certainly an allure to any magazine, whether it be sports or news.  It roped us in as kids and it helped develop our way of thinking. It sounds fantastical but it’s true. It’s never too late to search magazines for kids that will prime their imagination and jumpstart their love for learning.

There are magazines for kids that range from all types of genres.  Kids have many different interests and they certainly have the right to pursue it to their liking. You can start a kid’s magazine, too, if that is what you felt led to do.  In either event there are plenty of magazines for kids to enjoy.  Magazines are great sources of information and every edition provides something new and fresh.  Some popular magazines for kids are Highlights, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Zoobooks, and Stonesoup.   We grew up with these magazines and we can pass them down to our children.  But you can remember back to when we had them and what kind of impact they had on us.

Magazines for kids make excellent gift ideas. You are giving your children the gift of education – even though they may not see it that way.  Magazine ideas can range from literary to the most random. That’s what makes magazine reading so fun.

Never in our youth did we think a simple of a thing as a magazine would mean so much to us.  Our children will be able to experience that same joy we had. Gift them the extraordinary gift of a magazine, regardless of what it is.  Forming one of your own isn’t too shabby of an idea either.  All it takes is a little creativity and know-how.  The rest is easy.