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The Value of Magazines for Kids

Picking up a magazine for the first time was a big deal because you could see the layout, “smell” the odor, feel the size, and simply marvel at how creative it looked.  There are a lot of magazine concepts out there today and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one.  They are educational, informative, and they are made fun to read.  As such, there are plenty of magazines for kids today and they all serve a unique purpose in helping children become more educated and informed about a particular topic.

Big Boy Magazines For the Small Audience

Some of the world’s highest grossing magazines such as Time, National Geographic, Discovery, Sports Illustrated, and World News have a pint size (not literally of course) version to them that complements their magazines. The kids version of these magazines (and the many more that are out there) are designed to relate to kids at their level and their age; yet, give them substance, meaning, and imagination.  As kids, we appreciated that – now we can pass down a world of knowledge to them through these means and it will almost certainly open their eyes to new things.  To date, there are over 315,000 magazines and approximately half of them have a child’s version to complement them.

Never underestimate the value of a magazine.  It’s not something merely to be thrown away after a brief reading on an airplane. It should be marveled and the design of it appreciated.  Children are impressionable and introducing them to magazines will help them structure their way of thinking and strike up an imagination in the process. The ever popular Highlights magazine is geared toward kids specifically and that is found in several elementary school classrooms and libraries.  ESPN: The Magazine for children is a magazine that helps kids find their love for a sport and discusses how to get involved.  These are just two popular children magazines that have found a way into children’s lives and many have been shaped by it.

A magazine serves many purposes and it provides an extra avenue of quality instruction.  Of course finding one that fits their education level is a good way to start.  It makes no difference where you look, you are bound to find magazines for kids.  They are abundant and they make great gifts for children of all ages.  Get them started regardless of the route you want them to take.  Bolstering their sense of adventure will net them – and you – benefits that are immeasurable.