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Highlights Magazine

A great way to get kids interested in reading early is to find fun ways to get them started. Magazines are a wonderful way to get them started. Kids’ magazines have made a big impact when it comes to reading. Plus this is something that you can always tuck away and have with you. If your family is going on a long road trip, a magazine is an easy read to take with you. So what kind of magazine is right for your child?

Highlights Magazines

Highlights Magazine has been around for over 60 years. One great thing about this magazine is that it shows children different cultures around the world. The creators of this magazine wanted to have something for children to develop positive lifestyles by using their imagination and creativity to excel in:

  • Reading skills
  • Kindness
  • Thinking skills
  • Sensitivity
  • Reasoning skills
  • and treating others with Respect

There are two magazines for children to make sure that the proper age group is learning on the right level. Highlights High Five is geared towards children ages 2-6, and Highlights Magazine is geared towards children ages 6-12. These magazines bring something special for every age of children around the world. The possibility of fun is never ending.

Highlights High Five

The Highlights High Five Magazine is perfect for your preschooler or kindergartner. High Five Magazine is filled with 40 pages of fun and learning. High Five Magazine is sure to help the development of your child’s learning skills through many different levels of activities. This magazine is very eye catching for children being that the illustrations inside are bold and bright.

Inside the High Five Magazine there are activities that are appealing to the children, like:

  • Crafts
  • Puzzles
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Recipes, and much more

The crafts in the High Five Magazine are suitable for the younger children to do with the help of an adult. Learning to make your own hat, ice cream, or books are sure to keep any child interested in the activities. These crafts are sure to get your little one’s mind turning to create their own crafts without having a book around to tell them what to make.

All the puzzles in High Five Magazine are sure to get giggles out of your child. They have a section where you have to find hidden objects in the picture. The pictures are always fun to look at, and the way they hide the objects will make your child smile with enjoyment. There is even a section where you have to find the differences in pictures. They set the same picture side by side so it is easy to find the changes. The colors in the magazine are so full of life that the pictures seem to pop out at you. With pictures and colors so vibrant, all the puzzles in this magazine are full of fun.

The poems and short stories are a great read for the kids. the poems are wonderful for the younger aged children. They have simple words that your child can follow while you are reading. The pictures that go along with the poem make it easy for the child to follow what you are reading. The illustrations really tell the story. The short stories are great for the children who are beginning to read. Your 2-6 year olds are sure to have a lot of fun with the High Five Magazine.