Highlights Ages 6-12

Highlights Magazine

The Highlights Magazine is 42 pages of learning and fun for children ages 6-12. Highlights Magazine makes learning fun, so your children will have no idea that they are really learning important things because they are having so much fun. Some of the fun activities that your child can expect to see are:

  • Riddles
  • Jokes
  • Puzzles
  • Real World Articles
  • Poems
  • Silly Stories
  • Science Projects
  • Crafts, and many more

Sometimes when children get older the thought of doing a craft just does not sound appealing to them. Once they get a hold of the crafts in Highlights Magazine, their thoughts will change. Doing crafts like making a turtle mouse-pad, or gifts for mom and dad for the holidays should catch their attention. They can even learn how to put a secret message on a pencil or something else for a friend. These activities are sure to make your older children want to engage in creating fun crafts all over again.

There is even a section full of silly stories from other kids around the world. They get to publish their stories in the magazine about a silly moment that has happened to them. Kids will find it funny to know that they are not the only ones that experience silly moments.  Plus they will be able to write down their silly experience, and send it in to be published in Highlights Magazine if they would like to share their story.

The greatest part is that a lot of the poems and short stories are written by children. This gives your child a sense of reassurance in their writing. It lets them open up their minds and get their imagination flowing. They will want to be able to write just like the other kids, and that will encourage their ability to write and create stories.

The Highlight Magazines are perfectly geared toward children. This is a magazine that your children will beg for you to let them read. Plus, as a parent it is wonderful to know that your child is enjoying reading, learning science, figuring out puzzles, and being able to know how to handle everyday problems at school or home. What is an even bigger plus for parents is that the magazine is not littered with advertisements. Your child is not going to start begging for the new video game they saw, because they won’t see it at all. The Highlights Magazine is geared toward educational learning in a fun way. This will be a gift that your children will surely thank you for.

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