Imagination, Celebration, Fun: A Magazine Designed for Children

For some people it is hard to find something that really motivates their children.  Education doesn’t seem to be fun (inside and outside the classroom), and neither does getting them to learn outside the classroom. But wait! There is something that can be done. For many years now the magazine has become an avenue of fun and imagination that cover plenty of topics, but none is more fun, imaginative, celebrated, or educational as National Geographic for Kids.  Sure, Highlights is a great magazine, but NatGeo has been celebrated for almost a hundred years.  For Highlights, it certainly reaches the young crowd, which is important, but they have a niche that they are focused on. Some areas National Geographic for Kids covers are:

  • Geography and History –  History and Geography are two things that don’t strike the fun bone in any kid (and really for adults, too).  However, the way National Geographic for Kids sets it up, there is a lot of fun.  They just won’t know they’re getting educated on some interesting things.  Geography and History entail many things about our humanity – but your children will know a little more than they expected – and for the better.
  • Animals – No magazines for kids can be complete without a story of an animal or facts about animals.  There are plenty of areas this covers from the lifestyle of certain mammals to new discoveries of reptiles.  There are lots of discussion questions and fun facts and figures.
  • Games – Even inspiration and education can have some games equated with it.  Give your child’s brain a boost and help them develop a different way of thinking.  Games have been proven to help kids improve their thinking ability.
  • Crafts – Even crafting ideas are found in the various editions of the magazine.  This magazine truly is multipurpose!  Crafts do entail many things that are great for the child get hands-on ideas on how to do certain things.  Using their hands is important.

National Geographic for Kids is just one of the many magazines that can strike fun and imagination in the child.  It has been around for generations for a reason.  There are few magazines that are better suited to assist in helping the child grow in their learning than this one – but don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself and your child.  Your child will learn something that will stick with them for years, guaranteed.

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