Kids Magazines

Magazines are great ways to learn new things about sports, life, science, history, etc. Unfortunately there are bad magazines that are full of junk.  There are good ones, too but as a parent you want to find one that is appropriate.  Because technology has drastically changed there are new formats that magazines take on.  Whether it is print or electronic form there are magazines for kids that are great choices and focus on all ages; however, there are lesser known magazines that provide a great learning and educational experience for kids.

For the Girls

American Girl Magazine is fun for the girls and it is arguably one of the most popular magazines today for girls age 8-12.  Think of Barbie, except a much more toned-down version of it.  Girls can get American Girl dolls, books, and other accessories through the website. The magazine takes pride in getting women to feel comfortable no matter race or status in life.

In this website there is advice on growing up and fitting in.  There is also advice on how to handle situations that little girls will face on a daily basis.  This magazine is designed to help little girls deal with things in life in various situations and it has helped many girls deal with these issues. American Girl magazine has been around since 1992.

It has been hailed as an amazing and inspirational magazine and one that is great for any child between the ages of 8-12.

For the Kid and Kid and Heart

U.S. Kids is a “newer” magazine but ultimately has garnered much praise from parents.  The award-winning magazine has several focuses and has high-quality stories and articles in their arsenal.  There are also useful life guidelines in which to read that focus on the health and fitness of children.  Kids can enjoy reading about a variety of topics. Study show that kids who read for pleasure are more apt to succeed and U.S. Kids gives them that avenue.

It is broken up into different magazine sections: Turtle Magazine for preschool-aged kids; Humpty Dumpty Magazine for ages 5-7; and Jack and Jill for ages 6-12.

Regardless of where parents go there is a magazine that is not kid friendly and then there will be ones that are.  Deciding on which one is good may be difficult but doing diligent research on its premise will go a long way in determining the right magazine to buy for your children.

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