Magazine’s for Kids and the Benefits

As a kid, the imagination is vivid.  There is a lot that can go on in the imagination of a child and the learning process is really just getting started.  The education happens on the home front, true.  It also happens in the school.  But a hidden dimension to child learning is getting them involved with reading magazines.  That’s right, a magazine.  It broadens the scope of learning for kids.  Magazines for kids come in all shapes and sizes with different content filtered throughout.

There is something for every child, whether it is sports or geography — and even math.  Some good magazines for kids that have equally good content for the adult version include:

  • National Geographic
  • Time Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Discovery Kids
  • Highlights


These are only a few but they all matter in achieving the same end goal – educating a child.  No matter where children go to school, they can always broaden their horizons by reading the content in a magazine. The best part about it is they can always go back to it anytime they wish.

Unobtrusive Yet Educational

Where magazines for kids have a distinct advantage over other educational tools is that it is not presented in a textbook manner and best of all – there are no homework assignments.  Children are fragile learners.  In some ways they crave learning and education – and as many know they don’t like to do it in the classroom.  There are thousands of magazines geared toward kids that help them pique their interest early on and the information is presented, oftentimes, in a non-traditional educational way. Inspiration may start early in some children.

Kids magazines, however, are not to be used as a substitute for a curriculum.  When children enjoy something they often cling to it and take an early interest in it but it should never be used as a primary educational tool. It often shapes the path they want to take in life.  Magazines for kids also have this power because of the diverse material that it presents.

There are literally thousands of subjects from knitting and crocheting to cooking and baking.  There is bound to be a subject that interests your child. Even if there isn’t one that is immediately apparent, they will more than likely find their niche.  Of course the content is geared toward children but it does give them something to enjoy outside (and inside) the educational context.

There are many ways to get your child a hand on their magazine of choice.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much it will help.

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