Sports Illustrated for Kids

Sports Illustrated for Kids: Discovering the Passion for Sports

There are many magazines for kids but one that often does not get talked about is Sports Illustrated for Kids. Yes, the major sports magazine has an edition for kids, geared toward their interests and not for the adults.  Sports Illustrated is more than just sports.  While that is the general conception, the kid’s edition goes beyond the sport and talks about the athletes in depth – it helps develop an appreciation in that way. Many will say that sports should be an extracurricular activity for kids.  Yes and no.  But that should never take away the interests a child will have.  SI goes out of their way to cater to kids in two camps, the serious athlete and the one who enjoys sports.

  • Games — Every kid’s magazine at some point should have games.  It keeps their attention, but in the case of Sports Illustrated, these games come in the form of sports-related games and trivia.  Games are a great way to grab the reader’s attention.  It also helps them see sports in a different way, something that they can relate to.
  • Stories – Some kids have the dream to be a professional but that’s not always going to be the case, based on the odds and circumstances.  However, there are still heartfelt stories that will help them see a different perspective.  Even some current athletes had reason to doubt they would make it.  These stories are meant to inspire and yet provide hope.
  • Sports Tips – There is inevitably a sports tip for those who are interested. Improve on the fundamentals or simply learn something new.

There is an educational aspect to the Sports Illustrated Kids Edition. There is a lot to enjoy about this kids magazine.  In the long run of things there are plenty of magazines for kids. Some are educational and some are just for entertainment.  Sports Illustrated is both which is good in educating and entertaining children.  It is imperative that this happens because it steeps our children into something at an early age – rather than getting in trouble.

It is estimated that 85 percent of children today will at some point before college have joined a sports team or express interest in sports.  This is a big number and Sports Illustrated for Kids aims to help those interested in developing their individual and team game, all the while providing them with an avenue for entertainment.

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